The Power of Humility

I feel so very blessed to part of this flow of life and yet there have been many times I have been through the Dark Night of the Soul where I have been immersed in the cosmic joke created by my very own conditioned mind and the resulting validation of my erroneous thoughts that created my experience of life.

But the human spirit is indefatigable, it is resilient, it is patient, it is courageous, it is kind, it is compassionate it is all this and much more …

This spirit is within each one of us … not just a few but the all. This Divine Spark of life connects us all to one another and everything that exists in the Mind of God. Just when we might think life is all over it begins again, for life is eternal and ever evolving. Just like the river flowing it weaves its way over and through all obstacles to find and join the ocean. I am humbled and in awe of the plan.

Humility is defined as the quality of having a low view of one’s importance.

Actually, true humility is the knowing that the I or Ego is not important at all. Humility is the awareness that our life is filtered through our perceptions whether we believe ourselves to be unworthy or whether we believe we are the next Messiah. This and everything in between is a product of our consciousness- a story. The I of the form self is not real it is just a construct that keeps us from knowing the TRUE Self. The Divine Presence that is ALREADY PRESENT within each and every one of us. This Presence Does not put itself above others or even proclaim itself.

The spiritual path is not really best described by the word Ascension. This intimates there is a striving always for the next rung of the ladder upwards with never-ending dimensions to navigate before reaching Source.

Many spiritual teachings frequently only bring us to the astral realm.Here there are different “levels”. There are the low planes (hell) and the higher planes (celestial) and every level in between maybe called the galactic. How do I know? because my consciousness has been there. There are many possible destinations upon which to focus our consciousness but this is NOT enlightenment. It is the fantastic projection of the EGO.

So what of self-worth and self -value? Many of us have struggled all our lives to acquire this based on earlier conditioning that leads us to believe we are worthless and so in the transmuting of this particular belief system we need to acquire a healthy view of our importance as a part of the Divine Creation before we can realize there is no self.

The paradox becomes when we have reached the place of self –validation that requires nothing outside itself to confirm it is Divine, at this point we are able to see the Divine in all beings and all life and be truly humble as we recognize the Divine Essence even in a leaf and we are in joyous awe of all Creation.

There is no need for the false humility that feigns spiritual maturity but at the same time places itself above all others. This springs from a need to be special or better than because of inadequate mirroring that has left the ego-self still with a need to be seen and acknowledged. The true Avatar has no need for lofty titles or even to be seen. The true Avatar just IS and radiates that ISNESS.

It is the great cosmic joke that allows the ego to believe the stories it makes up for itself. Everything is consciousness and energy.

All else is the story of the evolution of our consciousness.
His/Her story that has been made up of our mind and then projected out into form by energy.



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