I’d Rather Have A Complicated Life With You, Than An Easy One Without

I want you!

I don’t give a damn about whether it is chaotic. I don’t care if one day we are crazy in love and the other day we are arguing.  I don’t care if one day we are perfect, and the next day we are fighting. I don’t care if we have different life views. I don’t care if we are not together all the time or are not making each other happy at all times.

I don’t care if there are countless reasons why we would be better off alone; I would still choose the messy, complicated life with you over the one without you.

I will choose the days we fight and slam our doors. I will choose the days we cry. I would choose the mornings when the breakfast is overcooked or you stay in the shower for too long.  I will choose the apologies written on paper and the pillows stained from tears.  I will choose the nights we spend staring in the ceiling without saying a single word.

I will choose all the ways we will fail as life and love weren’t meant to be easy.  And, there isn’t any other way I would want to fight this world than with you.

I would rather have a messy life with you than an easy one without.  I would rather argue and fight than walk away and be with someone who isn’t passionate about me enough.  I would rather be with someone complicated and learn to compromise and look at life from different point of view than be with an easy going and stoic person.

I would rather deal with all the mess that comes with you than having a  ‘perfect’ love, ‘perfect’ partner, ‘perfect’ relationship.  Because perfection doesn’t exist. Because life is not always rainbows and roses.  There are also pain, obstacles, and  challenges along the way.

If  I am going to spend my life with someone, I want to be with a person who is always by my side, whether on a good or tough day.  A person who will challenge me, encourage me, and never stop fighting me.  I promise to do the same for them too!  I promise to be there for them, help them grow and evolve.

To sum up, I am not looking for perfection. I am not interested in things that are easy to get.  I don’t want a person who says and does the things I want to hear, but never stands up to me when I am wrong.

I would always choose a life that is messy, difficult, complicated and challenging with you over an easy one without.

I promise to never give up our complicated, yet beautiful love !

Sources: https://thoughtcatalog.com



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