Anxiety and dealing with it is a rarely discussed topic.  People find it difficult to believe that some individuals can be anxious about trivial things, such as going to the store to purchase a birthday present.  On the way between leaving the house and going back, there is a world of fear and questions that an anxiety sufferer has to deal with.

While suffering from this disorder has multiple downsides, people dealing with it have a heightened sense of perception and some science-backed super powers. Here are the top 5!

Living With Anxiety

Here are 5 positive things that your anxiety does for you:

1. Increased Empathy

Dealing with anxiety means struggling with emotions at the same time.  This allows people with anxiety to gain a better understanding of both their own feelings and the feelings of those around them.   This level of empathy isn’t common in people who don’t have to struggle with their emotions on a daily basis, and it helps anxiety sufferers better connect with others.

2. Increased IQ

People with anxiety spend most of their time recalling past events, analyzing past situations, and analyzing every possible outcome of a certain plan or decision. This means that their brains process tremendous volumes of information all the time and high IQ is needed for that.  As found by researchers from SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in New York, anxiety sufferers have higher IQ than other people, on average.

3. Lie Detectors

Those suffering from anxiety are quite cautious as a result.   This makes them great at seeing through a lie.  If they notice any inconsistency in whatever is being discusses or something doesn’t add up, they will be the first one to say it aloud.

4. Life-Saving Instincts

Spending a lot of time thinking about any possible outcome of plans and decisions, you find it easier to spot potential dangers. As found by a study published in the European Journal of Psychology, people who suffer from anxiety have  quite developed life-saving instincts and are better at detecting danger and responding to it.

Specifically, a team of French scientists have found that people suffering from anxiety have a unique life-saving sixth sense.  It was discovered that some regions in their brains have the ability to  detect threats in as little as 200 milliseconds.

5. Sensing Other People’s Energy

Anxious individuals have a strong intuition or strong gut feeling about people.  They are great in sensing whether one radiates a positive or a negative energy.  If they click with someone and feel comfortable in their company, it is because they carry positive energy. On the flip side, if they get negative vibes, chances are they are dealing with negative energy of some kind.



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