Some days are bleak and some days are even worse. You feel everything and everyone closing in on you and you just want it all to stop. It seems that there is no more joy, not a moment to just be carefree.

But you know what? If someone holds a gun to your head, you’ll snap out of your torpor and suddenly in those last seconds you’ll know that you want to hold onto this life that so exasperates you.

You’ll suddenly appreciate that you don’t want to give any of it up. In the end we all hold life dear. Here are some reasons not to give up on life or lose faith in humanity.

1. Life is a gift.

You are a living, breathing miracle who is alive to experience great things, to learn and share and love. To a person whose last minute has arrived, even walking out into the sunshine is a marvel not to be missed.

2. Relationships are what being human is all about.

The people we love and the ones who love us and have loved us, is what makes life so precious. Life is a huge game board with mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, teachers, friends, and those that challenge us. Some of these relationships are effortless and others are more complicated, but we can learn from them all and they enrich our lives. You don’t want to be free of that.

3. There are adventures to be had.

There is always something that you still don’t know, something that you still don’t understand, somewhere that you still want to explore, someone you still want to meet. There’s nothing that dissipates apathy quicker than starting to work on making something happen that has been brewing in the back of your mind for a long time. Anything is possible; all it takes is for you to make a decision.

4. We live in exciting times.

You simply can’t give up the chance to live in a fully automated home complete with your own robot to do the chores and keep you company when the rest of the family is out. Or maybe you’d consider taking the relationship further …. that’s possible in the future, you know.

5.  The world is becoming a healthier place.

Thanks to technological advancements, conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and type1 diabetes will be something of the past. Better ways to treat cancer is on the way, brain damage from drowning can be reversed and spinal injuries won’t leave people paralyzed anymore. Our chances of living a long, healthy life are getting better by the day.

6. Society is becoming more tolerant.

Terrorism, hatred and bigotry is rive, that’s true, but so is the opposite. The sweeping backlash from last week’s Charlottesville incident is a clear indication that the majority of society is not blinded by hatred, is rejecting racism and discrimination in general, becoming more tolerant of differences. This is an altogether better place from where to face the future.

7. The world needs you.

It needs every one of us. We all have something to contribute to the wellbeing of others  and the planet, whether we realize it or not. This doesn’t mean you have to take on a cause or do something major – if all of us just took care of ourselves and those around us, the whole world would automatically become a better place.

Source : positiveenergyspot


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