Have you heard that you are subconsciously attracted to the crystals that you need in your life? Look at the picture below and choose one crystal. The crystal that you pick and feel drawn to it discovers a lot about your life situation.

1. Opalite

You are in a search for freedom and peace. You need a place where you can calm yourself. The crystal that you chose discovers that you have bellyful of your boring and monotonous life. This doesn’t show that your life is wrong, but it is not in the way you wanted to be.  You have to find a way so you can relieve the stress and prepare your body for the changes that are about to happen. You need to spend time alone, because at those moments you can become very prolific and that is the most suitable place for finding peace and freedom.

2. Green Malachite

You are currently facing big transformation, no matter if it is about your private life or something connected with work. It might be some burden from the past that you haven’t got rid of or spiritual evolution. You are becoming aware of who you are, and you know that some things have to be changed. This crystal is connected with prosperity and wealth, and as soon as you start searching for it, the happiness and fortune will find you. Picking this crystal might be the end of a toxic relationship and the beginning of a pure love.

3. Sun Stone

If you chose this crystal, it means that you are positive about your future. The power of the sun is increasing your energy, your health is becoming better and the stress and fear are dramatically decreasing. The sun stone is connected with good luck and it means that your life will finally get better. Imagine how beautiful it will be waking up in the morning and feeling cheerful. You feel wonderful because the closest people around you understand you, support you and help you to overcome the obstacles in your life. If you have ever wished for changes, this is it! It is time for positivity in your life.

4. Mahogany Obsidian

These crystals symbolize closeness, and picking it shows that you are ready to give up the negative things in your life and start to be positive. You are becoming rational and aware of the fact that those around you are not that happy either. You might even realize that all of the people have problems, but some of them decided not to show it. You should definitely get rid of the jealousy, agony and other negative emotions that can only ruin your life. It is very good that you can recognize the toxic effects from these emotions, so you can stop them. You will be grateful for what you have and you will start to appreciate your life more, because this is the essential key for happiness.

5. Howlite

Choosing this crystal means that you are getting messages in a form of dreams, visions, numbers and repetitive words. Do not think of it as something stupid. On the contrary, listen to your intuition, it can direct you on the right place. If you neglect this, you might face insomnia. This stone is a message that a new guide is waiting for you and in order to do that, you have to follow their path.

6. Dalmatian Jasper

Picking this stone means that you will have humor, laugh and fun in your life. And you are looking forward to it because you have probably been through a difficult and disappointing period. Humor is the best way to brighten your day, to forget about your problems and it makes friends and family members closer than ever.

Source > seizepositivity.com


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