How to Create a Healing Space in your Home

  1. Pick an area of your home and dedicate it to be your healing space.This could be  a corner of a room, a whole room or your entire home. Intuitively pick the space that is right for you. What feels best?
  1. Declutter. Get rid of everything that doesn’t make you happy in your healing space. Photographs of people you find stressful to be around, art work and statues you don’t really like, books that you will never read again. Release absolutely everything you don’t need or love. Give it to someone who has a use for it, or give it to a charity. If it’s too worn out, recycle or trash it.
  1. Clean your space. Fill a spray bottle half with water and half with vinegar and clean surfaces, windows and picture frames. Give everything a good wipe. Sweep, vacuum, swiffer and clean out that old, dusty energy. Draw back the curtains and open the windows to let in sunshine and fresh air.
  1. Decorate your Healing Space or entire home by considering what feels good for you. Here are some ideas:

• Play beautiful, relaxing music.

• Display candles in a glass on top of small river rocks.

• Light small table lamps instead of bright overhead lighting.

• Quartz crystals are a wonderful addition to any home and lift the energy immediately. You can never have too many quartz crystals. They absorb negative energy, so make sure you clean them regularly. You can either hold them under running water or soak them in salt water for a few hours and then rinse them.

• Display big plants in baskets or clay pots. Plants naturally purify the air in your home.

• Create a house altar, if you don’t already have one.

• Display beautiful items such as a statue of the Medicine Buddha or White Tara for healing energy. White Tara is associated with health and longevity.

• Keep a deck of inspirational cards on a tray. Angel cards, e.g., have only positive, uplifting messages.

• Display a small shelf with your favourite books that bring comfort and healing to your soul, like Louise Hay’s “You can heal your Life etc. Any literature that encourages self-care, self-love and positive affirmations.

• Your healing space needs comfortable seating. Consider a soft and cozy armchair, blankets, lots of pillows and sheepskin rugs for your feet.

• Have an essential oil diffuser in your healing space. Use lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus for muscle soreness, lemon for depression or jasmine for fatigue, to name just a few.

• Consider getting a Himalayan rock salt lamp. It is said to clear the air of toxins by producing negative ions when it is heated by a lightbulb or a candle. They also look beautiful and magical.

• Display a bowl of fresh fruit, nuts or other healthy snacks.

• Hang feng shui wind chimes in front of sharp corners to soften the energy. 5 rod wind chimes are used for cures because 5 is the number of change. Wind chimes lift up the energy in the home as the energy goes up through the rods.

• Place a Tibetan singing bowl on your altar and use its beautiful sound to clear negative energy.

• Display treasures of nature in your home that you may find during a walk or from your last vacation: feathers, rocks, shells, driftwood, tree bark, pine cones etc.

• Cut some fresh branches from a bush or cherry tree and display them in a vase.

• Grow your own herbs in small pots on your window sill.

• Consider replacing artificial materials such as plastic containers and such with natural materials. Natural materials have a very grounding feeling to them and they never emit toxic gases, like formaldehyde, etc. Think of baskets, wool rugs, solid wood furniture, hardwood floors, tiles, glass, curtains made of cotton or no curtains at all, bamboo placemats, ceramic bowls, wooden trays, cashmere throws.

• Get a table water fountain or create your own with a water pump,

a ceramic bowl and river rocks. Listen to the relaxing sound of the flowing water.

• Keep a journal and pen near your armchair to write down your thoughts.

• Place a tray on an ottoman or on a side table to hold your tea cup. Add a teapot and a tealight warmer to keep your tea warm.

• Ask for divine guidance. You could ask Archangel Raphael or your Spirit Guides to help you create healing energy in your home. Say a little prayer and set your intent.

• Imagine your healing space filled with bright soothing healing light and love.

• Schedule time in your daily agenda to spend in your healing space. Relax, meditate, read, write, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, do nothing. Enjoy! 🙂

Source : enlightened-consciousness


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