Buddhism Is Teaching Us These 5 Life Truths That Can Make You A Better Person

We know life is not easy and there are difficulties that we must overcome so that we can keep moving. We might pretend that those difficulties do not exist, but eventually, we will have to face them and move on with our life.

Buddhism teaches us that we have to be able to accept the negative aspects of life and not only the positive ones. Only then we will be able to see the reality around us.

These are the 5 truths that we have to accept if we want to benefit from our lives.

1.    Worrying about things is useless.

Our mind is the only place where worrying is created and there is zero benefit of it. It is wasting time and it can literary change nothing.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, it does not matter if you worry a little or a lot, in both cases, you will change nothing by doing so. Actually, the only thing you will gain is anxiety and that will lead to you feeling even worse. We must learn to be happy with what we already have and live in the moment. We need to stop running after things and just let them come to us. We must not condition our happiness with the things that we do not have.

2.    Accepting the reality can lead to a happier life.

We must be able to look at reality. Our lives should not be fixated on the opinions and ideas in our heads, but rather letting the truth come to us while we keep our minds open.

Also, we have to accept the negativities that life brings and not only focus on the positive sides of life.  According to Buddhism the best thing we can do in our life is to remain curious and open-minded.

3.    Change is something that we must accept.

If you think about it, you will see that everything is changing constantly. It is one of the true forces of our universe and it is impossible to keep things constant or fixed all the time. Embracing the change will help us receive the energy and freedom to do what we want with our lives. Once you have accepted change you can take it and turn it into a positive kind of change. No matter what we do the change will happen and it is up to us if it is going to be a positive one or not.

4.    Chasing temporary feelings are the root of a person’s suffering.

According to Buddhism, people’s perception of what happiness is, is false. Temporary feeling like joy, excitement or euphoria should not be perceived as happiness. If we go after these things we will never be able to feel the true happiness. Buddhism says that the true path towards happiness is being satisfied with the things we already have. The pursuit of these temporary feeling will only create tension or dissatisfaction and our mind will never be at peace. We must learn how to accept the fact that things are not permanent and enjoy them while we have them, but never link our happiness to them.

5.    We can reduce suffering with meditation.

Mediation is teaching us that all we have is the present moment, things are not permanent and we have to learn to be happy with what we have. While we meditate we learn that feelings come and go, therefore pursuing them is senseless. The mind will become more relaxed and at ease once the pursuit stops. We have to stop thinking about things that have passed or that might come and live the present to the fullest.

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