Why the Buddha Kept Meditating

For those who are wondering what the fuss is all about regarding meditation, note that happiness is transient, just like everything in this life.  To extend it, you need to feed and nourish your happiness, as it cannot survive without food. This is called conditioning and it is of utmost importance! We can do it with the 5 practices of letting go, mindfulness, concentration, insight, and inviting positive seeds.


Letting go is the first step towards creating and conditioning happiness.  We are all bound to something, believing that it is necessary for our security and happiness.   However, most of these things are actually obstacles for our happiness.

For instance, you might think that having a salary, house, or a partner is vital for your happiness.  But, you continue to suffer even when you achieve these things. You fear of losing them and eventually become addicted.

If you think about it, you will realize that this attachment is your obstacle to happiness.  Once you summon the courage and let it go, happiness will come very quickly.


Mindfulness allows us to experience the wonders of life! Breathing turns into a delight and you come to enjoy it.  When practicing mindful breathing, we are established in the present and feel so lucky for the things we have already available. Mindfulness is a source of happiness as it helps us touch the conditions of happiness which are present currently.


Concentration is a result of mindfulness.  It has the power to burn away the things that make us suffer and let happiness step in.

Concentration is necessary if you want to stay in the present moment.  The worries about the future are always present, but concentration helps us go back to the present moment.  Staying concentrated means having a lot of energy to remain stable in the present and achieve true happiness and joy.


Mindfulness allows us to recognize the tension and pressure we are faced with, while insight helps us liberate from it.  Insight is pretty much like a clarity which allows us to release the pressure and get rid f the afflictions like anger and jealousy.  Hence, it allows happiness to come!

For instance, we have all suffered in the past for one thing or another.  If we do remember it, we can take use of it to remind ourselves that we are no longer in that situation and that we can be happy after all! This is insight, which allows happiness and joy to grow.


We all have seeds lying in our consciousness, and those we nourish are the ones which manifest outwardly. We are able to be understating, joyful and compassionate, but paying attention to negativity and inviting negative seeds only produces negative feelings and kills off positive nourishment.

We are capable of selectively watering the positive seeds and refrain from nourishing the negative ones.  This doesn’t mean that we are ignoring our sorrow thought, but that we allow positivity to prosper.





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